Monday, May 26, 2008


Glass is a short film by the Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra. I saw it for the first time at FTII Pune in 1990 when I did a film appreciation course. The film was introduced to us by Prahlaad Kakkar who, incidentally, has done this course in the 70s. Kakkar told us that he had joined this course at FTII thinking it would be a great way to meet girls. (Well he was speaking for me as well.) Sadly, Kakkar found that that year the class was full of men. Consequently he had no other option but to sit through the sessions with his eye on the screen. He did so, reluctantly, until one day the schedule mentioned the screening of a documentary film called GLASS. Now who would sit through a documentary film in the prime of youth? Well anyone who is obliged into temporary celibacy it seems. Kakkar saw Glass. And his life changed. He never realized that there was this side to film. He never realized that when it comes to expressing the poetry of life no medium is as COMPLETE as film. Kakkar went on to make a career in ad film direction. I saw Glass too. I decided to get into ad film writing.

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P.S. My class had people like Ashutosh Gowariker, Renuka Shahane, Krishnamachari Bose etc. I guess GLASS opened their vision too.

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