Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Link A Day # 171: Codi5

Codi5 is a simple game created by me. It works like this. I give you a cryptic statement. You have to decode it. Sample the sample puzzle first. If you think it's kindergarten stuff, then you're my maan. First puzzle is up. It's about an ad slogan. Wanna play?

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 170: How to write a screenplay online.

Let me introduce you to Zhura. It's a haven for writers who always toyed with the idea of writing a screenplay/comicbook/sitcom. The best thing about Zhura is it provides you the screenwriting software for free. No need to download anything. Just log in and start writing your dream film online. You can save the output on to your comp in any format you want. If you're too lazy to script it all alone, you can invite collaborators. Once the screenplay is ready, you can take feedback from peers. And when you have time to kill, you can critique scripts by others. Sounds like a good deal? Go Zhura.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spots of the Week: Orange TV Gladiator, Vampire & Alien

Other spots in the series here and here.

Agency: Publicis Conseil. Production: Wanda. Posted by: Anantha.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Link A Day # 169: Ilta Sanomat

If rediff were to don a newspaper avatar, how would you sell it? If you want clues, watch this...

Posted by Anantha.

Imagine if Microsoft were to design the iPod

Check this out on full screen. So that you don't miss out on the supers at the bottom.

Posted by Murali.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Link A Day # 168: World's Best Whiskers

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 167: Happydent Elephant

Interesting premise. But Prasoon's penchant for layering the commercial with a folksy song kinda diminishes the likeability for me. The spot could have been more timeless had the soundtrack been more minimalistic.

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 166: King Blues vs Byron

Watch it and then re-read Lord Byron's SO WE'LL GO NO MORE A ROVING...

So, we'll go no more a roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And Love itself have rest.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon,
Yet we'll go no more a roving
By the light of the moon.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Link A Day # 165: Clio Bronze Winner

Click here to hear the radio spot by DDB Mudra for Islamic Research Foundation. Won the Radio Grand Prix at Goafest and a bronze at Clio.

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 164: The Art of Frightening

Agency: Jung Von Matt, Berlin. Link courtesy: Scary Ideas. Posted by: Anantha.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fresh Stuff That'll Win # 2: Cheer Dark

An ad by Leo Burnett Toronto. Mesays gold.

Posted by Metal Spotter.

The Big Shave

Presenting The Big Shave. One of Martin Scorsese's early short films. For those of you who haven't seen it, here's a small task: What do you think he's trying to convey through this film?

If what you think matches with what he had in mind, then you should be a genius. Click on the comments to view the answer.

Posted by Murali.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Literary references to the Guinness Surfer commercial

Here's the voiceover of the iconic Surfer commercial for Guinness by Jonathan Glazer.

He waits… That’s what he does… And I’ll tell you what; tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick’

Ahab says “I don’t care who you are, here’s to your dream”. The old sailors return to the bar.’

“Here’s to you, Ahab” and the phat drummer hit the beat with all his heart’

"Here’s to waiting…"

While the core idea for the voice started with references from Herman Melville's Moby Dick, there were many more treatments considered. The soundtrack was initially supposed to be excerpts of Richard Burton's poetry reading of Dylan Thomas's Under The Milkwood Tree. Set to techno-punk rhythms of Leftfield. Since the client felt the envelope could be pushed further, a new prose was created by a literary concoction of Moby Dick with influences from Coleridge's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. The last line was inspired by James Joyce from his novel Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man where he goes on to talk about how man must rid himself of social trappings before he can become a true artist.


Posted by Murali.

A Link A Day # 163: Font Fight

What happens when Gang Helvetica takes on Gang Arial? College Humor manages a decent sequel to Font Conference...

Link courtesy: Adlist. Posted by Anantha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Link A Day # 162: The Awesome Starlings of Ot Moor

An almost poetic footage of birds captured by Dylan Winter...

Link spotted by Sharad Haksar. Posted by Anantha.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Link A Day # 161: World Beard and Moustache Championships 2009

Ahoy men! The fuzziest and freakiest facial hair gets celebrated on May 23rd in Anchorage, Alaska. Moustaches will be judged in 6 categories: Natural, English, Wild West, Dali, Imperial and Freestyle. Then there's the Partial Beards master category which will be divided into Natural, Musketeer, FuManchu, Imperial, Alaskan Whaler, Sideburns and Freestyle. The biggest draw however is expected to be the Full Beards segment. It'll be split into Natural, Verdi, Garibaldi, Styled Moustache and Freestyle. For more details, check out this site. Dunno if India is participating. If Kamal Hassan were aware of this contest, may be he would have donned the meesai madhavan avatar.

Posted by Anantha.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Link A Day # 160: Inner Workings of a Creator

Adidas has a fresh take on creating new basketball heroes. This time, they've tried to lionise the NBA Rookie of the Year, Derrick Rose. The technique is cool and the narration is good...

Posted by Anantha.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Twitter, the now search engine.

"What if you could peer into the thoughts of millions of people as they were thinking those thoughts or shortly thereafter? And what if all of these thoughts were immediately available in a database that could be mined easily to tell you what people both individually and in aggregate are thinking right now about any imaginable subject or event? Well, then you’d have a different kind of search engine altogether. A real-time search engine. A what’s-happening-right-now search engine.

In fact, the crude beginnings of this “now” search engine already exists. It is called Twitter, and it is a big reason why new investors poured another $35 million into the two-year-old startup."

Erick Schonfeld in Tech Crunch. Read on for more.

Posted by Anantha

A Link A Day # 159: 48 hour films

The Oxfam Cannes Young Lions 48 hour You Tube contest to spread awareness of the UN Climate Summit is now officially over. The best entries will be picked in 12 days. Here's one entry:

For viewing the rest, inga ponga saar.

Posted by Anantha.

Just how far would you go?

Oh yeah, we’ve heard the moans. We’ve cribbed till we’re blue in the face. Agencies don’t do enough to sell creative. We’re all in the age where even a lifted eyebrow from the client sends us scurrying back to the drawing board. Forget selling, even arguing earns you heavy frowns. But as creative people, do we ourselves do enough to sell our work? Are the scripts word perfect? Are the ads picture perfect? Even if every thing is in place and the client still objects, what do we do to override the obstacle? Here's an uplifting story from the ever fresh Dave Trott, on just how far you need to go to get your work out.

Posted by Niru.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Youtube Gems: Zidane ad with Rehman's score

Posted by Commercial Breaker.

A Link A Day # 158: Four Winds Bathroom

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 157: How to be a Great Client

The outspoken Felix at the Denver Egotist has some candid tips for clients on how to get the best out of their agency. Sample this: I’m constantly amazed by the pompous voracity of clients. Most wouldn’t dare tell a mechanic how to change a transmission, or stand over the shoulder of a surgeon directing every cut of the blade. But for some reason, almost every client believes they have a hidden talent for advertising, marketing, copywriting and design. I once had a client change one of my subheads as it went onto the press, without our agency’s knowledge. The end result was the following gem – “You’ll wish you’ld called us sooner.” That’s not a typo. The client made up a word, combing you’ll and you’d. They thought is was genius. The agency fired the client soon after. So listen carefully, clients. You have made the very wise decision to let an expert do your advertising. Make another wise decision, and let them do their job.

For more tips, read the full piece.

posted by Anantha

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Link A Day # 156: BP Ultimate

Agency: Ogilvy London. Director: Greg Gray. Posted by Anantha.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Link A Day # 155: MoMa Short

Well written short film from Taxi New York to promote the Museum of Modern Art....

Posted by Anantha.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Link A Day # 154: Still Run Music Video

A stunning music video with a screen saver feel. Do watch it if you have the time...

Posted by Anantha.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Correct me if I'm wrong

While looking for old Indian ads, I happened to chance upon this one for Garden. A little research led me to believe that it was directed by Rajeev Menon with music by A R Rahman. Now, that was Rahman before his Roja days I presume.

Listen to the music and one part of it sounds similar to a song in Roja. Is this just in my mind, or is there a semblance? Let me know.

Posted by Murali.

A Link A Day # 153: Interview with Ridley Scott

Dunno if you've read this. It's an old DGA interview with Ridley in which he reveals stuff like this: Making a film is like buying a painting. I walk in a gallery. I walk around the gallery and I go ‘Wow! I really like that. I wish I could have that.' It's an emotional response to a piece of material.

Posted by Anantha.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The people inside the body suits in the Zoozoo campaign

Posted by Murali.

Spot of the Week: Benadryl War

Via: Scary Ideas. Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 152: Coke Summer Cans

Coca Cola is continuing its practice of introducing thematic can designs to inject some fizz, from time to time. This summer, the connecting idea is summer. For a close up of the packs, go here.

Posted by Anantha.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Link A Day # 151: 100 Futuristic Concepts

A cloud sofa that floats. A spokeless bicycle. A tossable camera that transfers images in real time to mobile phones. A foldable electric bike. And 96 other concept products --> here.

Hat tip: Adlist. Posted by: Anantha.

A Link A Day # 150: How to browse websites blocked by your company.

Easy peasy. Just send a mail to and put the URL you want as the subject line. The blocked content will be in your mailbox as a HTML page in a few hours. Actually, one or two hours is more like it. For more devious methods, go here.

Posted by Anantha

This is your sister speaking...

It isn’t just brands who are looking for below the line ideas. With recession putting an effective stop to the usual election suspects of campaign vehicles, public meetings, dancers, MGR clones and cut outs, it’s up to the ingenuity of the leaders to touch base with voters at lower costs.

So this year, instead of remixed tamil songs enlivening the neighbourhood at midnight, I get a personalized phone call.

The first was from none other than “Amma”. She assured me that she was my long lost sister and that she fully empathized with my day-to-day problems, ranging from the Sri Lankan issue to the traffic snarls in the constituency. Within 10 minutes, my long lost brother called up. “Aiyya” assured me that thanks to his excellent governance, I should have absolutely no day-to-day problems, be it the Sri Lankan issue or the traffic snarls in my constituency. All was well and I should favour brother over sister!

I sat expectantly next to the phone, waiting for more long lost “blood” relatives to call and promise me the moon with extra toppings thrown in. No such luck. Guess I am stuck with my ‘brother’ and ‘sister’!

*For the politically challenged - Amma and Aiyya are two of Tamil Nadu’s leading politicians.

Posted by Niru.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Link A Day # 148: Intel's Interesting Commercial

Posted by Anantha.

Spot of the Week: Mercedes Benz Child

A typography commercial after a long, long time. And a good one at that.

Agency: BBDO Dusseldorf. Production: Sehsucht Hamburg.

Posted by Anantha.

A Link A Day # 147: 100 most mentioned brand names on Twitter

The most mentioned brand on Twitter is not Google or Apple. It's Starbucks! Sony Playstation, Sony, Samsung & Honda are the only Asian brands in this list. None at all from India. To check Top 100 brands on Twitter, go here.

Posted by Anantha.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Self-respect and advertising?

If you've been in the advertising business for a while, you'll know 'self-respect' and 'advertising' make for strange bedfellows. There have been instances when clients squeeze the living daylights out of you, get what they want and scoot without paying the dues. And what does the agency do? Just pester them for the monies, at best. Nothing more. (No stinker people, we're in advertising and they are clients for godsake.)

Now, if you thought that's sad, here's more. When the same client re-surfaces back and calls for a pitch, other agencies still run for the business (knowing fully well that they haven't paid the previous guys). So much for self-respect in advertising.

But I guess the scene is a bit different in the US. When the Belgian brewing giant InBev decided to abuse the client-agency relationship, it's been reported widely. And there's also been a public outcry at the way they run their business. Read this article to know more. I'm sure we can learn a thing or two from them.

Posted by Murali.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Link A Day # 146: Faceless Watch

LED Watch designed by Hironao Tsuboi of 100%. Cool, na?

Via: Admad. Posted by Anantha

A Link A Day # 145: One Show Gold Winner

Posted by Anantha.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The morning after

What’s common to the British public and Venkaiah Naidu, Rajya Sabha, MP? Both think that sexual education promotes promiscuity. While in Britain, it’s been touch and go to air ads on morning after pills during prime time, in India we’re still stuck in the rut of should we or shouldn’t we tell our kids, that yes, sex exists?

Go here to read about the product soon to hit British airwaves. Go the nearest wall to hit your head on the narrow mindedness and outright blindness of our politicians.

On that note, hats off to the new I-pill ad that boldly talks of unprotected sex and the risk of abortion. And let’s hope our politicians are too busy with elections to listen!

Posted by Niru.

The viral that we all missed?

Nope, it’s not Youtube. Or those cutesy films that do the rounds on email. Or mobile marketing efforts. You’ll be surprised at what Dave Trott, advertising guru, thinks of as the original viral.

Clue: Javed Jaffrey on Takeshi’s Castle, Pogo.

Posted by Niru.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sara's Vanishing Car Act

Art Student Sara Watson made a battered old Skoda "disappear" by painting it to merge with the surrounding car park. Picture & News courtesy: BBC.

A Link A Day # 144: Tabasco Streaker

Perhaps the creative device is a little inspired?

Posted by Anantha.

Advertising ad campaigns

I've always believed an ad campaign should create a buzz on its own. You shouldn't create another campaign to advertise your campaign. But that's what seems to be happening in India. Some agencies do a PR blast on even the tiniest of their campaigns. If you've been reading Campaign India, Afaqs and Exchange4media, you'll know the usual suspects I am referring to. It's okay to brag about your campaign if it's created a ripple (Case - Vodafone Zoozoos). It makes business sense to plug a campaign if you've blown crores of rupees on making the commercial (Case - Sony Bravia). But for godsake, don't work the press to tom-tom ads no one took note of. Use facebook to share your work with potential judges at award shows. Use the blogs to see how your creation is faring. Don't milk your contacts in Afaqs, Campaign India or Brand Equity to explain your campaign. Because the more you plant stories, the more you're doing to lessen the credibility of these instititutions.

Posted by Anantha.

One Show Design: 2 Golds, 3 Silvers & a Bronze for India

Of the sixty metals dished out at One Show Design, India bagged six. A very good performance by any standards. Dizzy Design of Mumbai rocked with 1 Gold and 1 Silver for their Edible Bakery Card. Ogilvy picked a Gold for the mouths poster for Sanctuary magazine and a Silver for WWF work. Leo Burnett Mumbai snagged a Silver for Luxor Stationery and unsung Kritik of Chennai walked away with a Bronze for Sameer Gupta corporate identity. Meanwhile, the One Show finalists have been announced. The following have made the cut:

Newspaper Ad: Bajaj Electricals Kitchen by Leo Burnett Mumbai
Newspaper Ad: Perfetti Sour Marbels by Ogilvy Mumbai
Collateral Posters: Perfetti Sour Marbels by Ogilvy Mumbai
Collateral Posters: Sansui Parental Lock by Publicis
Public Service: Vodafone Sanctuary Asia Fashion Victims by Ogilvy Mumbai
Outdoor Poster: HIV Art by Creativeland Asia
Outdoor Poster Campaign: HIV Art by Creativeland Asia
Public Service TV: Breakrthough Domestic Violence by Ogilvy Mumbai
Radio: Islamic Research Foundation Bush by DDB Mudra
Cinema: TOI A Day in the Life of Chennai by JWT

Posted by Anantha.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blast from the past # 12

A really old ad for Amul butter. I haven't seen this one till now.

Posted by Murali.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Link A Day # 143: My Play Is Done

Ever rising, ever falling with the waves of time, still rolling on I go
From fleeting scene to scene ephemeral, with life's currents' ebb and flow.
Oh! I am sick of this unending force; these shows they please no more,
This ever running, never reaching, nor e'en a distant glimpse of shore!
From life to life I'm waiting at the gates, alas, they open not.
Dim are my eyes with vain attempt to catch one ray long sought.
On little life's high, narrow bridge I stand and see below
The struggling, crying, laughing throng. For what? No one can know.

Extracted from Vivekananda's poem 'My Play is Done'. To read the whole thing, go here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Link A Day # 142: Fight against Child Porn

Posted by Anantha

A Link A Day # 141: Logofaves

Simple. Clever. Exotic. Evocative. Abstract. Logos of all kinds. Here.

Posted by Anantha

A Link A Day # 140: Contemporary Furniture Designs

The theme of the 2009 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Awards was seat furniture design. There were some very interesting entries. But the award went to the Lepidoptera Chair by Simone Leamone. Curious choice indeed.

Posted by Anantha.

D&AD Inbook List: 10 for India

CreativeLand Asia for Stationery. Client: Car Mall.
CreativeLand Asia for Stationery. Client: Indiana Motors.
CreativeLand Asia for Direct Writing. Client: Eye Bank Association.
Leo Burnett for Packaging Design. Client: Lokart Paint Thinner.
Ogilvy Mumbai for Illustration. Client: WWF.
Rediff for Direct. Client: Airtel.
Publicis for Direct Ambient. Client: Cancer Patients Aid Association.
JWT for Art Direction. Client:
Happy for Packaging. Client: Lee Skinny Jeans.
McCann Mumbai for Direct Writing. Client: Monsters, Ink.

Posted by Anantha.