Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TV News interrupted by scientists on a cleaning spree!

On September 4 the 10 p.m. television news on TV 9 suffered an interruption while the broadcast was on. A bunch of white coated scientists barged into the newsroom armed with vacuum cleaners and mops. As a flabbergasted newsreader looked on they proceeded to “clean” up the newsroom. When she tried to get on with the proceedings, a young scientist tried to clean her teeth with an electric toothbrush. Viewers looked on anxiously. The phones of the channel were ringing off the hook. “What was going on?”

Then came the answer.
It was part of a campaign for the launch of Godrej Eon XLCD TVs. The benefit? Cleaner images! Wow! What an impactful, original way to launch a TV that gives you cleaner images.

Conceived by Orchard Advertising Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, the campaign has got widespread coverage in media.

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