Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meet Rovio. Meet the 2009 Black Pencil Winner.

Blistering Barnacles! That's the first thing you'll say when you see the demo of the WiFi-enabled robotic cam named Rovio. It's a webcam capable of omni-directional movement and believe it or not, it's not been designed by Apple. Rovio can be controlled using the browser on your laptop, mobile phone or game console (provided it's hooked to the internet). If Thomas installed it in your office, sitting in Bangalore, he can have a dog-eye view of the studio, take pictures of slackers, capture sound-bytes of the choicest gossip and keep a watch on the prettiest folks seated in the reception. After watching the product in action, I am of the view, that this is easily the product of the year. Rovio certainly deserves the D&AD Black Pencil it will go onto win in 2009.

Posted by Anantha.

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