Friday, December 26, 2008

A Link A Day # 8: Lee Clow's Interview

"All I know is that a lot of people kid themselves by moving to too many jobs and then find themselves going out of the business when they’re 35 years old because they’ve compromised and jumped around for money and for the wrong reasons. The only reason you should move to a new job is if you are not getting the opportunity to do what you want to do and what you believe you can do. You need to look around. Are there teachers here? Am I learning things? Am I getting the opportunities I need? If you feel you’ll never accomplish anything more there, you have to move. But don’t move because somebody else will you give you more money. Money has to be the last criteria. Because ultimately, if you are doing great work, the money will come."

That's Lee Clow, the ad legend who's stayed in the same agency for decades. For more of his pearls, this is where you should go.

Posted by Anantha.