Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aggi & Paddy call it Roots India

That's what they've decided to call their agency. Per se, good. But I wonder how they chose this name. Because there is an agency in Delhi called Roots Advertising. And there is a Coimbatore-based precision plastic company by the name Roots India. Being seasoned professionals, one would have thought, a lot of thought would have gone into the naming. Clearly looks like neither Aggi nor Paddy (people we really admire) did an online check before they decided to christen their baby. False start.

Posted by Namasutra.


√úbermaniam said...

Nor did they do the smart thing and come to the Namasutrists :-)

Frank said...

Raggi & Paddy would have been a good name...if they wanted to pay homage to their Indian roots. Right now they should get permission and put their visiting card in every packet of Roots Horn...with the line "Work with us, and you'll be blowing our horn"