Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bollywood Music Finally Comes Of Age!

Was generally surfin, when I stumbled upon it. Serendipitous, is the word to describe it. For within the first few lines of the first track, I knew, I had fallen for it, head long. Raw energy and naked emotion are captured in the tunes and tones, perfectly. Unapologetic and a word 'rocking!’

The diversity of genre in this single album is something to be seen...or heard, rather. Absolute audio affection is what you'll walk away with after giving this composition a listen. I for one, am absolutely smitten. Its tangy tunes will continue to blare out my speakers for the next few days, to say the very least.

From the masti-full lyrics of ‘Emosanal Attyachar’, available in both shaadi-ka-barathi, big band version and raging rock, to the soothing sounds of tracks like ‘Yehi Meri Zindagi’ and foot tapping melodies of ‘Dhol Yaara Dhol’ and ‘Ek Hulchul Si’, it is an absolute delight to the ears. Besides this, there are some bangin bhangra tracks, rapturous rock tracks, funky fusion tracks and a trance like track as well! I don’t know if I’m being biased but I haven come across a bad song in this album.

The lyrics are infectious. Once heard, you will soon find yourself jovially coughing em up in the shower. It's a symptom. No, more like a certainty. And finally, to the Dev.D Soundtrack people I must say, Good job! And I'd better get paid for this.

Check it out, here:

Posted by Shane.

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monica said...

thanks for giving me material to play thru the PA system tomorrow :)