Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Link A Day # 30: The Dieline

To the best of my little knowledge, the first packaging design blog in the world was started in 2006 by Payal Shah, a friend and colleague of mine, at 1pointsize. Pity real life romance replaced her love for graphic design. Now cut to The Dieline, the new numero uno packaging blog founded in 2007. Like its clever logo, the Dieline, has many layers. It goes beyond delighting your graphic g-spot. For starters, there's an inside-out take on the featured design. Then there's the before-after section. And the very useful search packaging by type (pouch, aluminium, glass, molded fibe, carton, tube etc). Thanks to meticulous tagging, one can sift through the posts using the prism of industry type. Above all, there's a spotlight feature on craftsmen behind the showcased pieces. So I am not at all surprised, with the popularity of The Dieline. It's a blog worth visiting.

Posted by Anantha.

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Fresh@Orchard said...

avi, we heard you. all our posts are have tags now.