Monday, January 5, 2009

Sun, sand and Moonrakers

50 km from Chennai is Mahabalipuram. Known for its beach and the shore temple, Mahabs (as it’s popularly referred to) is a favourite haunt for Chennaites and a pit-stop for the roadies heading to Pondy.

Nestled in a quite corner of this small town is a culinary haven. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Moonrakers. A seafood paradise started by 3 brothers back in 1993.

Beat the heat by ordering a beer first. By the time it comes, you can feast your eyes on the lip smacking varieties of fish, crab, squid and other crawling delicacies that are presented to you live, in a tray. (Vegetarians look away. Since you guys don’t have much to choose from the menu anyway.) They also have chicken and lamb. But I’d urge you to stick to seafood, because that’s their specialty.

Try the Calamari. It’s amazing. Ditto with the fish. They are fresh and tasty and well worth the price you pay. Squid was just about there. But the real delicacy is the crab. Priced according to size, it’s probably the best you’ll get to taste in that part of the town. Apparently, the secret behind the taste of the food lies in the powder they use to marinate it. It’s made in-house and you realize why the food tastes so good.

While you wash the food down with a chilled glass of beer, you are in for another surprise. The bill. It goes easy on your pocket. Small wonder that this place is filled to the brim most of the time.

Enough said. Go visit Moonrakers sometime. It’s definitely worth the drive.

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Anonymous said...

Moonrakers also happens to be one of those select places where beer is available on govt declared tasmac hols!
one awesome reason for Chennaites to hit mahabs.
Courtesy-reliable sources ;-)