Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know it’s a hit.....

I would like congratulate the conceptualizer of ‘dirty feet’ as I my brain has been rewired post couple of sessions to observe with all my senses (6th included).

Campaign - when your 19 year old ‘baby care’ can lip sync the condom ad. I did have ‘the talk’ with her...but she continued to chant the word exactly like the parrot...I hope I was as successful in delivering the message as the ad! (PS - cute dogs still get the eyeballs.)

Product Litter-ally - A walk through the Cubbon park has been quite enlightening. If you want to know if your product is a hit among the masses, just look at the wrappers strewn around in public places- I found a lot of Kinder Joy shells (congratulations Ram- Ferrero marketing), mauled Kurkure packets and of course no picnic is complete without ‘little drops of joy’. A sad state of affairs for the environment, but a great proof for a brand.

Movie- you can sense the momentum building and you know the movie will defiantly get a ‘dekho’ when someone promptly declares her love for the song... for the world to see as her ‘Facebook status’ just after couple of promos. – Rehman’s Midas touch will work wonders for Masakalli/Dilli 6 (fingers crossed).

Posted by Monica


Meera said...

masak ali. lovely song. i declare love on orchard fresh also.
rehman doesn't need me.he's back. :)

Anonymous said...

very refreshing observations the cubbon park garbage bin route to spotting top brands...very dirty feet literally.