Monday, February 2, 2009

It's curtains for Premier Bookstore

Bad news people. The tiny little bookstore run by Mr. T.S. Shanbag for the last 37 years is about to be shut down. One could peacefully saunter inside this 600 sq.ft. store, find some real gems at 10% discount, chat casually with Mr. Shanbag and walk out happily. Far from being a place just for books, Premier Bookstore, is today a cultural hotspot. Travellers to Bangalore pay a visit to the place without fail. And it saddens me immensely that the lease this time is not going to be renewed. In fact, if you remember, Mr. Shanbag was faced with a similar situation back in 2006 and he renewed the lease then. So, if you want to hit the place one last time do it now.

Posted by Murali.

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