Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Link A Day # 65: 50 Dollar Logo Experiment

Murali featured CrowdSpring a few weeks ago. Some of my friends were pretty excited to know that they can actually bid for logos and earn 800 dollars. On a trial basis, they bid for one project. Designed one good logo for a client with a funny name. There were some 4 or 5 good logos in the fray. So we gave him a 20% chance. When the results were out, we were shocked to see the winner. The winning entry looked like a 50-dollar logo. We told ourselves, we'll never bid again. Recently Forbes showcased CrowdSpring and ran down designers who charge 'rip-off' rates for logos. This evoked a severe reaction from the design community. Jim Walls then took the pains to blow the lid off the types that churn 50-dollar logos. Go read about the experiment. It's an eye opener.

Posted by Anantha.

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√úbermaniam said...

Good one. A few people I work with should read this.