Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 favourite art director's cliches

1) Nothing to beat Illustrator
2) Nothing like Corel Draw
3) Can you cut some copy?
4) Nice copy yaar (Without reading much of it)
5) Sorry, can't make the logo any bigger
6) We should shoot this with Suresh Natrajan
7) Helvetica
8) That's just a design element
9) Mac is Mac man
10) Should just quit and start painting

Posted by Murali.

1 comment:

Chris Grayson - Art Director said...

I've never heard a professional Art Director espouse the virtues of Corel Draw. Illustrator yes (best application ever invented), Corel... not so much.

Helvetica is dictated by the client's style guide... Every client's style guide. Over this we have no control (though it is the perfect font).

You misspelled Suresh Natarajan.