Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 favourite client servicing cliches

1) Sent you a brief (Spot it if you can)
2) Client doesn't buy it (They sometime work for the client, not the agency)
3) The deadline is tomorrow (Servicing deadline, not the job deadline)
4) Research
5) The dipstick slide in the powerpoint presentation
6) Gimme the work, so that I can put it in my ppt (It should be 'Gimme the work, so that I can start my ppt)
7) Hofstede model
8) Mandatories in the brief (Which has gems like 'logo is a must')
9) Had a chat with the client (Means, what you did doesn't work)
10) I've recruited a solid junior servicing guy (Interpret 'solid guy' as someone who will work his ass off and will be a slave to his boss)

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