Monday, March 23, 2009

10 things Indian cinema would love to have us believe

1. Women have the IQ of mentally retarded cockroaches. 

2. Women secretly want to be eve-teased and roughed up. 

3. No woman minds her husband/boyfriend being a complete mama’s boy. 

4.   You can get to and inside any airport, when chasing your lover. (No matter how bad the traffic or how good the security!)

 5.  It’s OK to gatecrash a wedding and run away with the bride/groom.

 6. If you move fast enough, you can dodge bullets from a machine gun.

 7. Punjabis go “balle balle” 24x7.

 8. Tamilians still look like Mehmood in “Padosan”

 9. You are likely to sing a duet (a steamy one at that) when you are a second or two away from certain death.

 10. You will always ensure that you are alone in a haunted house. Even though every sign tells you that there is something wrong with the place.

Posted by Niru.


Ebrahim Kabir said...

Seriously, awesome points, that's the sad state and fact our industry

Anonymous said...

one more...all bengalis are like keshto mukherjee