Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee with Thomas

First week into work, I had the privilege of meeting and having a nice long conversation with Thomas. It was very insightful, especially for a person like me who is new to this world of advertising and servicing. I was quite nervous for this meeting as it had no agenda but he made me feel most comfortable, his words still come rushing back when I sit down and think "Brands and advertising need to have more than just a selling entity attached to it. It is about humanity. When you want to be successful you need to be able to look at the human connect in anything and everything you do. You need to draw from life."

He told me one thing that I guess many people will agree with. "When in advertising, take time off and learn to appreciate advertisements and communication first from a layman’s point of view, or else the whole fun is lost."

One thing that I have understood and believe very strongly now after meeting Thomas is that, whatever it is if you are humane and have passion as your driving force, the world will accept you with open arms.

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