Friday, April 24, 2009

Inspirational India # 1

Given the endless mud slinging on the airwaves and the naked opportunism of all our politicians, the election seasons sees our cynicism at an all time high. What better time for a small dose of optimism and hope?

I write about the story of two young Indians, educated, professionals who have left high paying jobs in the UK to start a micro-finance website in India. Armed with nothing more than their savings and boundless enthusiasm, this couple set up shop in Bangalore and started Since then, they’ve moved to Chennai and are all set to take the venture into the next stage.

The site works like this. The team identifies needy candidates across the country, through NGOs and SHGs. Their profile is put online, along with the loan amount needed. A real time pie chart shows how much has already been funded and balance required. You can choose whom to fund and how much to fund. And once you pay online, you can see within seconds, the pie chart being filled. The best part, your money comes back. You may not get commercial interest rates, but you will get back more than you gave. Not excluding that wonderful feeling of having helped somebody. Do visit when you have time, it’s the perfect antidote to the climate of cynicism, negativity and indifference that’s pervading today.

Posted by Niru.

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