Thursday, May 14, 2009

Correct me if I'm wrong

While looking for old Indian ads, I happened to chance upon this one for Garden. A little research led me to believe that it was directed by Rajeev Menon with music by A R Rahman. Now, that was Rahman before his Roja days I presume.

Listen to the music and one part of it sounds similar to a song in Roja. Is this just in my mind, or is there a semblance? Let me know.

Posted by Murali.


anantha said...

It's an old controversy Murali. ARR fans say the jingle was scored by Rahman even before he composed for Roja. Some others say it was by Vanraj Bhatia. Dunno the truth.

Arvind said...

I guess its right. It was done by rahman before roja. If sources has to be believed ARR was introduced to maniratnam by rajeev menon.

anantha said...

no. ar rahman was introduced to mani by trilok of trish productions.