Friday, May 22, 2009

A Link A Day # 161: World Beard and Moustache Championships 2009

Ahoy men! The fuzziest and freakiest facial hair gets celebrated on May 23rd in Anchorage, Alaska. Moustaches will be judged in 6 categories: Natural, English, Wild West, Dali, Imperial and Freestyle. Then there's the Partial Beards master category which will be divided into Natural, Musketeer, FuManchu, Imperial, Alaskan Whaler, Sideburns and Freestyle. The biggest draw however is expected to be the Full Beards segment. It'll be split into Natural, Verdi, Garibaldi, Styled Moustache and Freestyle. For more details, check out this site. Dunno if India is participating. If Kamal Hassan were aware of this contest, may be he would have donned the meesai madhavan avatar.

Posted by Anantha.

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