Monday, May 11, 2009

This is your sister speaking...

It isn’t just brands who are looking for below the line ideas. With recession putting an effective stop to the usual election suspects of campaign vehicles, public meetings, dancers, MGR clones and cut outs, it’s up to the ingenuity of the leaders to touch base with voters at lower costs.

So this year, instead of remixed tamil songs enlivening the neighbourhood at midnight, I get a personalized phone call.

The first was from none other than “Amma”. She assured me that she was my long lost sister and that she fully empathized with my day-to-day problems, ranging from the Sri Lankan issue to the traffic snarls in the constituency. Within 10 minutes, my long lost brother called up. “Aiyya” assured me that thanks to his excellent governance, I should have absolutely no day-to-day problems, be it the Sri Lankan issue or the traffic snarls in my constituency. All was well and I should favour brother over sister!

I sat expectantly next to the phone, waiting for more long lost “blood” relatives to call and promise me the moon with extra toppings thrown in. No such luck. Guess I am stuck with my ‘brother’ and ‘sister’!

*For the politically challenged - Amma and Aiyya are two of Tamil Nadu’s leading politicians.

Posted by Niru.

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