Thursday, July 9, 2009

With 200mn users Facebook will be the 5th most populous country in the world

Yeah, I know Facebook can't be equated to a nation. But the sheer number of inhabitants and way they behave makes me thinks so. When was the last time a local law or a government diktat affected you so much that you took to the streets to protest / support it? I can safely assume not in the recent past.

But when Facebook redesigned it's site there were protests world over. The picture below has been shot in France when the youth opposed the new look.

Now, Facebook may not be a country of its own. But the folks who are part of this mass are more passionate about the place they live (coz' most of them are online most of the time) than their own motherland. And the number is increasing every single day. Stunning, isn't it?

Posted by Murali.


anantha said...

facebook is thoroughly overrated.

Meera said...

facebook will eventually get boring. until then, i'm part of that country.