Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009) – She loved India.

My heart feels so heavy I can hardly express myself. Yasmin loved India. Ironically, it was Yasmin who got me to watch Satyajit Ray's work. She said Ray's picturisation (in Aparajito) of how Apu discovers his mother has passed away is a master-touch in the history of filmmaking. She knew the lyrics of Hindi songs better than most of us. She thought Rani Mukherjee is the most beautiful person on earth. In 2002, when she got to speak to the cream of the advertising industry at Cannes she did not waste the opportunity (like most other speakers did) by making an insipid presentation on what great advertising is. Instead, she shocked the audience by stating that the West has always treated the East with scorn and she demanded that they change their view. She stood up for Malaysia and the for rest of us on this side of the globe. Which is why she got a standing ovation from all.
To say that her work influenced me is a gross understatement. I copied her style unashamedly.
God bless you always Yasmin.

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