Monday, August 31, 2009

Album Art # 6

Artist Neon Park painted this cool cover for Frank Zappa, way back in 1970. Apparently, Neon Park was paid $250 to come up with this cover for The Mothers of Invention's record Weasels ripped my flesh.

But the story goes that it almost didn't see the light of the day. But for Zappa, who pushed the design through the guys at Warner Bros. Even after Warner Bros. finally consented to use it, there were problems. Here's how Neon Park puts it: "The printer was greatly offended," says Park. "The girl who worked for him, his assistant, she wouldn't touch the painting. She wouldn't pick it up with her hands." Zappa and Park, meanwhile, were tickled silly by the brouhaha: "I was greatly amused by the cover, and so was Frank," says Park. "I mean, we giggled a lot."


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