Friday, August 14, 2009

Has Vishal given credits to Cajetan Boy in Kaminey?

Kaminey is releasing today with most papers already calling it a cool flick with a neat story. According to knowledgeble sources, the story is said to be written originally by Kenyan Playwright and Short-Filmmaker Cajetan Boy.

Apparently, Vishal met Cajetan in a film workshop organized by Mira Nair. He was so enamoured with the story that he paid Cajetan a sum of Rs. 2 lacs (when converted to Indian rupees) and bought the rights to make it as a film.

So, 3 questions. Has Vishal Bharadwaj given Cajetan Boy the due credit? And how will Cajetan feel when he gets to know the movie budget was Rs. 44 crore, considering the piddly amount he was paid? Finally, why do writers always get the raw deal?

Posted by Murali.


anantha said...

writers get a raw deal because the indian film industry treats the script as raw material and not THE BOOK.

Shrey said...

Yes, Vishal Bharadwaj has given credit to Cajetan Boy and has also thanked Mira Nair and her workshop.
The film is based on the idea / short story by Cajetan and is not an exact adaptation. Whatever is the amount Vishal payed for the rights, the point here is that he acknowledged the talent and didnt just steal it like many film makers do.
The film is awesome, do watch it :)

Dreammaker said...

The film is really awesome...One must watch it at least once.The story telling was so beautiful that it explores the story more beautifully than it actually is.

Sean said...

Shrey, no one gives a rat's a$$ about 'acknowledging the talent' if the money is not right. Indian film industry lost it's respect (Esp. here in Hollywood) long back when it started focusing just on the actors. Let me give you an inside scoop, ever wondered why Indian films don't get enough backing from the academy for the Oscars? You guessed it.