Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Link A Day # 250: Rukkumaniye Chakkara Pennae & O Little Flower See Your Lover

Shashank Ghosh may not have lived up to the expectations he raised with his QGM trailers, but he certainly brought two gems from the past to national limelight. The Rukkumaniye song from Oli Vilakku and the O Little Flower song from Neela Vaanam. Both numbers were scored by MS Viswanathan. Neela Vaanam was composed in 1965. While Oli Vilakku, in 1968. Click on the links I've provided, enjoy the songs and then think: Doesn't Rukkumaniye sound very RD Burmanish? Doesn't O Little Flower seem OP Nayyarish? Did RDB ever listen to MSV? Did MSV ever listen to OPN? If so, then why isn't our generation celebrating true blue originals like MSV and OPN?

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√úbermaniam said...

because you're an original only until someone like you discovers an 'older' one :-) that's the nature of originality, i think. it's about timing.