Thursday, August 27, 2009

Social Networks don't actually find favour with the young

According to a report in Times, teens who fueled the early growth of social networks don't necessarily stay on. This debunks the huge myth that youngsters are essential for the success of new technologies. (That's a cue for all marketers and advertisers.)

Specifically, teens account for only 14% of MySpace's users and 9% of Facebook's users. The reason cited by analysts as to why they shift so fast is lack of privacy. For instance, the public nature of Twitter doesn't interest 18-19 year olds as they don't want their private lives to be privy to parents, elders etc.

Adults meanwhile, are catching up fast. They are populating social networking sites so quickly that most of these companies have started to credit them for their popularity and success.

Posted by Murali.

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