Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Link A Day # 259: Indian Language Fonts

You must have read about CDAC and its Indian Language Development for Computer Applications (ILDC) initiative. I was quite kicked when I read about it. But when I visited their site to download the fonts, I was utterly disappointed. They've made it so complicated. The language used is very sarkari. The fonts are buried somewhere inside and there' are no crystal clear instructions about the other loot up for grabs. What I gather is fonts in 22 languages are available for download. One needs to have enormous patience to download all the fonts as they are distributed over so many pages. Why can't these CDAC guys learn web designing? Why can't they pick a trick or two from sites like dafont? Anyways, I did learn two things after visiting the site: the sanskrit word for home is grihaprusht and the patchai tamil word for downloads is padhivirakkangal!

Posted by Anantha.

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