Monday, September 21, 2009

The truth about scam

Scam ads have got more attention than they deserve. Thanks to the notorious WWF ad by DDB Brasil. Suddenly, every award show worth its salt has been taking a self-righteous stance by denouncing the practitioners of scam. While the One Show has ensured a 5-year ban on agencies entering scam, D&AD has quickly followed suit by saying it'll adopt a 'name and shame' policy. Read this to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

But my theory is simple. Scam has existed for decades now. Singapore was the sylvan sanctuary of scam advertising, way back in the 90s. The so-called great ads that we saw and revered in the books that came out of Singapore, were clearly scam. The guys who created and won those prestigious metals from there, have become famous. They now preside over juries and are board members at prestigious award clubs. How the hell can these worthy men talk of sham in scam, after they have done it and seen it all? Bit funny isn't it?

Posted by Murali.

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anantha said...

totally agree. several honorable men we know became renowned because of 'scam' work. i'd like to know what they think of this issue. i have a simple question to those who framed the rules at oneshow: is '1984' a scam piece because they ran it just once?