Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inglorious Basterds - The stamp is unmistakable

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian had written off Inglorious Basterds as the worst movie Tarantino ever made. But seriously, does the man make bad movies at all? You either love his work or hate it. To someone like me who has devoured most of his better known work, bad movie-making is something that QT doesn't indulge in. His sensibilities wouldn't allow for sure.

Inglorious Basterds has Tarantino's stamp written all over it. The most obvious being the way he has treated the war movie genre. Set during WW2, it is hardly your archetypal war movie. Next, his fabulously stylish writing shows off in every frame. That's something that we have been used to since the days of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Violence - Tarantino style, is packed with panache and delivered yet again. And not to mention, music, which becomes a character itself in his movies is crafted so beautifully to help you get into the flesh of the film and stay there, rivetted, till the end.

The plot, unlike Pulp Fiction for instance, is simpler. Yet the storytelling has the stamp of a master. The performances by Brad Pitt, who has a distinct Southern accent, Diane Kruger who plays a hard-nosed German movie star and Melanie Laurent as Shosanna were noteworthy. But the man who makes this movie special is Christoph Waltz. He plays Hans Landa, the Nazi Colonel who is nicknamed the 'Jew Hunter'. Calm to the extent of being cold, Waltz inflicts psychological torture slowly yet steadily on all his victims that they finally capitulate after much resistance. Small wonder that Christoph Waltz's performance got him the Best Actor award at Cannes this year.

So, all you people who haven't yet caught the flick please watch it. Like I said, although his stamp is written all over the movie, it is distinct in more ways than one. That alone is enough for me to defy Peter Bradshaw. And watch the Basterds all over again.

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