Monday, November 2, 2009

And one by one they are leaving...

Manish Bhatt has entered politics.
Raghu Bhat is trying his hand at launching designer laptop bags.
Prasoon Joshi is now more of a lyricist than an ad person.
Balki is busy with his Amitabh movies.
Rensil D'Silva has turned scriptwriter.
Aggie & Paddy have started Taproot.
Manoj Jacob has floated 21.
Prahlad Nanjappa has fathered a new outfit named Fryed.
What is happening?
Why is everyone leaving?
Are our peers getting disillusioned with big agencies?
Isn't that a cause for worry?
Does anyone care?

Posted by Anantha.


murali said...

So true. The system gets to you in these so called big places. While Balki, Prasoon and Rensil still work at their agencies, the rest have truly become disillusioned. And like you said, nothing has been done to stem this rot.


Sajan said...

yeah it's sad people are leaving.

Adi said...

Karl Gomes has left Digital Rediff Y&R.