Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the stuff about Cutwater I promised.

Cutwater, is an agency that has shot to fame making path-breaking virals. The creative shop, led by former ad heavyweight Chuck McBride has created history for Levi’s as I had mentioned in my previous post. They also happen to have done a stunning viral for Ray-ban which has won a Yellow Pencil for them.

But only when I watched the second one I realized, that both of them are stunningly similar. In the Levi’s viral, guys back-flip and jump into denims, held by another chap. In the Ray-ban viral, sunglasses are thrown back and they fall perfectly on the other chap who's waiting. Dangerously similar execution ideas for two different clients.

Is this sheer co-incidence? I doubt it. Because when I delved deeper, I figured out that they have been made by the same director.

Or, am I wrong in saying these two virals are fundamentally similar? Judge for yourself.

Watch the Levi’s viral here:

Watch the Ray-ban viral here:

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