Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now a music video shot without a camera!

Few bands from the ‘90s alternate scene experimented freely with tales of alienation and angst as well as Radiohead. Now, they have pushed the limits of music video making with their latest single ‘House of Cards’ with maverick director James Frost. The video has been shot without cameras or lights!

And guess what has replaced the inimitable camera? A scanner. Vocalist Thom Yorke and the suburban landscape have been captured as a 3D image by a scanning system called Geometric Informatics. And a light detection system called Velodyne LIDAR uses lasers to capture the landscape beautifully.

Go to to see the video and the making of it. Brilliant stuff.

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dilip pathak said...

radiohead is one of my fav bands and they always do awesome stuff, be it their idea of distributing music online or creating the most artistic video.

btw, nice start. i was waiting for a blog from you guys. one piece of suggestion: red hurts! please change the layout.