Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Have you seen the trailer?

Movie trailers have come a long way. You see it everywhere. The idiot box spews snippets of fresh releases as and when you switch channels. You can’t miss their onslaught at railway stations, bus stands, or for that matter the moment you log in, you are witness to the next big flick in town.

For a moment, just rewind back in time. When you could watch a trailer only at the cinemas - before the movie began and in some cases, during the intermission break.

And the format was pretty much the same. A Hollywood movie will have the best sequences edited for consumption with a dude, who has a voice to die for, giving you the commentary. Vernacular movies plugged in famous song and dance sequences as teasers. That was just enough for people to go ‘we have to catch that flick’ with popcorn stuffed in their mouths.

The point is, should movie trailers reveal the clip at all from the movie? Can’t they look any different? They sure did once upon a time. Just click on the link below and see the way Alfred Hitchcock presented his trailer to a blockbuster he had just directed. He pitches the plot personally and that’s really cool, methinks.

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