Thursday, September 25, 2008

Even metal Gods need a design agency

Design and branding has surely come a long way. Metallica’s latest album Death Magnetic’s cover art has been designed by award-winning design agency Turner Duckworth, San Francisco.

Gone are the days of underground artists, record company art department or artists themselves envisioning album covers. Serious branding is in now.

Metallica were looking for an agency who could give life to Death Magnetic. And guess how Turner Duckworth landed the account. Drummer Lars Ulrich’s kid and agency founder David Turner’s kid go to the same school and the daddies became buddies. So, Lars checked out David’s agency and the rest is history.

Here’s the cover. Awesome isn’t it?

The magnetic coffin on the cover has a tweaked Metallica logo which the band proposes to use from now on. And the partnership seemed to have worked. Half a million copies of the album have been sold in 3 days. And is No.1 on the Billboard 200.

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Meera said...

n't know who designed the logo og Droga5 but it's great.