Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10.04pm: The best time to ideate?

Researchers studying Eureka moments have concluded that, most creative people get their bestestest ideas at night. And believe it or not, after studying 1426 adults, the surveyors unearthed 10.04pm as the ripe moment for getting a brainwave. The study spewed one more insight – people feel least inspired at office hours. They feel creatively zonked at 4.33pm!

If you ask me, all I can say is, I am amused. I mean, how the hell did the MR guys pin down respondents into citing a specific time? My instinct says that these specifics were thrown in to sex-up the study and to create a viral-value around the research. So we should take it with a chamach of namak.

Anyways, do you agree with their basic premise that creative juices gush after dark? In my case, it's a resounding YES. I can't think for nuts at office. I splurge my work time on finishing off the menial tasks. I don my thinking cap at late night or early morn. To tell you the truth, my bulb glows only between 11pm and 8am.

I have a theory to explain this: Most of us download our ideas from the Thotmosphere which is an invisible server with zillions of terabytes of pre-cooked thoughts, concepts, theories, notions, models and ideas..The Thotmosphere faces a network clog during the day time because so many clueless sods are downing their byte torrents. But during night time, half the world has switched off their brains. Therefore you have a greater chance of zippy downloads :-)

Now, I am not gonna ask you, your take on my silly theory. All I am gonna pose is a simple question: When do YOU get your kickass ideas?

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