Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why can’t our political campaigns be half as interesting?

Barack Obama’s multi-million dollar campaign has generated huge interests around the globe. One, because of the money splurged in times like these. And two, for the way they have managed to splurge the money to build Brand Obama – through an amazing 360 approach that's way better than some of the finest brand campaigns in the recent past.

It doesn’t matter if you want Obama or McCain to get to the White House. Just for the sake of sheer curiosity just visit barackobama.com and check out the way his campaign has panned out. It’s simply brilliant.

Just for starters, for those who haven't seen Obama's campaign, here's a video which takes off on the famous ‘Wassup’ spot for Budweiser that appeared 8 years ago. The cast is the same and they’ve got the same director to direct this video. I bet you'll love it.

Now, to my question: Can our political parties create something as rivetting or better? My take is they can. Considering, they give that job to professionals and not botch it up themselves.

What do you think?

Posted by Murali

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