Monday, November 3, 2008


CRAP: Consumer Research & Analysis Presentation
Usage: I sat through the CRAP dished out by the Account Planners.

C+V: Control C + Control V
Usage: If Goafest celebrates originality, then how come it's a C+V of Cannes?

FIFA: Fabricated Ideas For Awards
Usage: Is Cannes the ultimate FIFA cup?

FLEA: Free Lancers Employed by Agencies
Usage: Suits love FLEAs because they are deadline friendly.

KISS: Killed Internally by Sadistic Suits
Usage: Award winning ideas always get KISSed.

PAD: Pretty Art Director
Usage: This agency needs more PADs.

PMS: Potty Mouthed Suit
Usage: Why the hell did they hire that PMS, he's such a pain!

SCAR: Sexy Campaigns Aborted by Research
Usage: I have many SCARs in my portfolio.

SLOB: Slimy Lecherous Obnoxious Boss
Usage: That SLOB spends all day recruiting interns.

SSDD: Same Shit Different Designation
Usage: My job description hasn't changed after my promotion. It's still SSDD.

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