Monday, November 17, 2008

A Vehicle for Carvertising

Car advertising has arrived in India. A start up named Cash Ur Drive is leading the charge. If the company's claims are to be believed, nearly 12,800 cars have signed up for the exercise including 1900 MERU cars and 250 Spot Taxis in Bangalore. The private cars who've jumped into this brandwagon are primarily Hyundai Santro, Chevrolet Spark and the Alto types. The deal offered is simple: put an ad on your car, we'll pay your petrol bill. Raghu Khanna, the founder of CUD, is plugging it as an eco-friendly innovative on-wheels media for generating brand awareness and creating a buzz around promos. Plans are afoot to put in place a GPS tracking system to make the medium more accountable. Me thinks, Cash Ur Drive is a boon to visibility-starved advertisers in billboard-free cities like Chennai & Delhi. What do you think?

Posted by Anantha.

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