Monday, November 24, 2008

50 stock expressions of a creative person

  1. Where's the brief?
  2. You call this a brief?
  3. I like the font you've used in the brief.
  4. Where's the insight?
  5. When do you need it?
  6. F*ck off.
  7. Go take a jump.
  8. This is unacceptable.
  9. I think I've cracked it…
  10. I have a fantastic idea…
  11. The scene opens in a beach in Australia…
  12. Is it hot?
  13. Will it win?
  14. It's been done before.
  15. I did this some ten years ago.
  16. There's a thought there…
  17. I have a better idea…
  18. It's a good idea but will it work?
  19. I think it will get a nomination.
  20. Fabulous idea. We should park it for some other client…
  21. We have the idea. We just need a logo.
  22. Can we get this released before December 31stt?
  23. Is the font size too big?
  24. Let's not put our key number on this ad.
  25. Let's upload it to the Archive.
  26. I think I've earned my salary for the year.
  27. I'll buy you a beer if you can sell this ad.
  28. I am not coming for the meeting…
  29. We've looked at it from all angles…
  30. We are quite excited with the work…
  31. I am sure you'll love it…
  32. Of course, your customers will get it!
  33. Trust me, the campaign will work.
  34. Bastards they killed it.
  35. The joker didn't get the ad.
  36. He can't tell his arse from his elbow.
  37. I am not gonna work on it
  38. You have two options. Take it or leave it.
  39. Come let's go for a smoke.
  40. What are you doing for lunch?
  41. Let's sleep over it.
  42. We've started brainstorming.
  43. We are working on it.
  44. We are not happy with the idea.
  45. Call up the client and postpone the meeting.
  46. I think I deserve a break.
  47. Let's hire some good looking chicks.
  48. Did you see that commercial? It was terrible.
  49. How many metals did O&M get?
  50. I am quitting.
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