Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When George Lois Speaks, Just Listen.

George Lois, the profanity-mouthing ('ogilvy's book is rubbish'), gimmick-loving (he threatened to jump out of a window when a client refused to buy his piece), path-breaking (see his covers for Esquire), research-bashing ('Great ideas can't be tested, only mediocre ones can be tested'), knowledge-sharing (he's written eight books on advertising), original-thinking ('advertising is poison gas: it should grab you by the throat, should choke you, your eyes should water, your heart should race, and you should almost pass out') advertising legend recently had a candid conversation with Ad Age on how he gets his big ideas. Go listen.

And after that, if you want to learn about him, read this, this, this, this and this. Here's a small extract from one of his interviews to get you excited about Lois:

"My first ad there—my very first day—was for a CBS show about how food gets delivered to New York. So I called a photographer and told him to get a fish—I wanted to have the fish saying, "How do I get to New York?" That first day, there was a memo from the business guy to all the art directors, saying, "You got to return props. I know you guys are keeping the props. I don't care what the props are, I want them delivered to my office." So after the shoot, I get the photographer to give me the fish. Then at ten o'clock at night, I leave the fish in the guy's office with a note that says "As requested" and sign my name: George Lois."

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