Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The best of 2008 - Subramaniapuram

Tamil cinema finally came of age this year. With a time machine called Subramaniapuram. In my opinion, that was the best flick of 2008. Probably, across all languages in India. (And that's not a tall claim for sure.) To all those who haven't watched it, my humble request would be, catch it now.

Here's why I think it scores above all else:
It's a debut feature, yet looks like it is crafted by a seasoned master of cinema
It's shorn of cliches that haunt Indian cinema
It's fabulously written, beautifully shot
The movie is devoid of big stars
It's set in the '80s and the director does complete justice to that time period
The picture-perfect portrayal of the opening day of a Rajnikant movie
The director's attention to detail
The seemingly casual way violence is depicted
The way each character has been detailed out

Posted by Murali

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nirupama said...

sorry murali. disagree totally. The climax of Subramaniapuram fell flat and there was no reason for the romantic angle at all! but do agree on the art direction/slickness bit.