Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Link A Day # 13: Logo Trends 2008

Every year, the pundits at Logo Lounge study thousands of logos and decipher common trends in logo design. This year, the key observations were as follows:
  • There's less emphasis on sustainability or general "greenness" in logo design. There's plenty of natural imagery, but being "green" doesn't seem all that unique anymore.
  • Colors are becoming more vivid. Desaturation has drained away, and the chroma factor pumped up.
  • There's an overall move toward cleanliness - in type, in line, in color - as if ideas are getting more and more succinct. It may be an indication of the degree of seriousness with which branding is now regarded.
  • Less is more common: less calligraphy, less Photoshop tricks, less artificial highlights.
  • Found pattern and illustration hang on and on and on. With a bottomless treasure chest of visual history constantly at the ready through retail collections and over the internet, it's a direction that's not likely to run its course soon, if ever.
Apart from these general insights, Logo Lounge has tried capture 15 new genres that logo designers are embracing. I found it interesting. Hope it tickles you too.

Posted by Anantha.

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