Monday, December 1, 2008

Breakin in my brand new shoes.

Story about a Journey from K to B (Kamanahalli to Brigades).

So there they were lying on my couch, still in a box, with a bunch of clothes piled on top. Took em' out. Slipped em' on and went "Daaaaaamn! These things are comfortable." God bless Reebok!

The bike has been surrendered for a service. So i'm thinkin, I should put these lazy legs to work. More than the work they put in to facilitate tasty trips to the fridge.

"Hey you know what you should walk to brigades!", I said to myself in the mirror. To which my reflection promptly nodded in approval. The little hand on the clock tells me it's 8:45. So i'm Brigade bound and thinkin...Really? You haven’t walked in can’t even remember how long? An argument with myself that ends with, Cummon', let’s put some miles in these bad boys, let’s see how far they'll go!

Ah! The joy of being 24, our bodies can get away with anything. So i'm half way there and all of a sudden a drizzlelette is upon me, that's like the midget of drizzles, the smallest one in the rain family that got picked on a lot. The most famous member of the rain family being a quirky looking chap that stars on the Hit Show 'The Office' and goes by the name of Rain Wilson. You know him, he's the weird-funny one they call 'Dwight'.

But a little drizelette and a drippy nose ain't gona rain on my parade. I had made up my mind, it was brigade or bust. If the word bust would come into play, it would only be the KFC crusty, delicious, deep fried kind.

Walked up to the counter and ordered the monster of Meal Combos...The King Kong Combo. Scarfed it down in 10 min flat. Talk about finger lickin' good. Well, that combined with nail-biting anticipation leads to...... Let's just say that, I now possess only 9 and a 1/2 fingers. Yep, fraid' so.

Incinerated some serious calories on the way there, but made up for the loss in calories, by wolfing down that monstrous Combo. But fret not, I didn’t stop there, I walked some more...digested my meal on foot.

These ‘New’ Shoes took one sweaty fella from The Big Bright Brigades to Shivaji Nagar. Yep, these shoes were meant for walkin, and that’s just what they did.

You should try it sometime; it’s an excellent way of relieving stress, and spending the next week recuperating in a wheel chair. If you aren’t as lucky as me. But who cares? Go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

Well, I can safely say that I got rid of that blasted new shoe smell, quite successfully.

I must confess however, that I can no longer do the bunny hop.

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