Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"The Coorg has left the building"

She's the one whose pad we head to when the primal need to party presents itself.

This special person makes our office, or to the very least our birthdays much sweeter.

One wonders how she manages to do it??? (3 hints how: CAKE, CAKE and more CAKE)

A social animal by day, and a party animal by night.

A fun loving, out going, out spoken, out standing Coorg chick…

Who we all have come to know and love.

The chick that we're all a little ticked off at for leaving, at the moment.

But bad news never picks a good time to show up.

So 3 cheers for the little plant at Orchard, that never ceases to give (she's in fact the youngest one here).

God bless you, Tulsi.

May you grow exponentially and enjoy continual success in the road ahead.

Do try, to not let your old friendships wilt away. And remember us, will ya?

Cause we sure as heck will miss you.

Wish you all the best. Goodbye and good luck.

Posted by Shane.

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