Sunday, December 21, 2008

Orchard loses the flavour of Coorg

She’s everything you’d expect from a Coorg girl. Tough. Resilient. Hard-working. Driven. Fun. And charming. She was the favourite in Studio. Go-getter amongst Servicing. Peace of mind for Creative. And the toast at Orchard parties.

Let’s put our hands together for Tulsi, ladies and gentlemen. This lady has put her blood, sweat and smiles for Orchard and has decided to move on.

As we wish her all the best for the next assignment, let’s also add that no matter where she goes, we’ll still hit her home for those crazy after-office parties. Got it, Tulsi?

Goodbye from all of us.

Rock on.

Posted by Murali

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monica said...

Good luck, love your new hairdo...
Shine on :)