Sunday, December 21, 2008

You call it a pitch when…

Suits try to crack the brief for a week
Creative work starts exactly 3 days before the pitch
The AE takes food order for night work
Creative Director says, “Guys, we need path-breaking stuff!”
Groggy eyed look becomes all too common
The low-lying account guy puts together 160 slides
The branch head rehearses the presentation in mind
The jet-setting CEO flies in and changes the presentation
Nine times out of ten, the PPT refuses to start just before the pitch
You hear the familiar ‘The pitch went off really well’ in the end

Posted by Murali


Fresh@Orchard said...

i love that 'pitch went off well' line. 11 out of 10 agencies must be hearing it after every pitch.

monica said...

well it just means- everyone did their bit and 'pitched in'

Ravages/CC said...

Well, that's at least better than the old chestnut
"The Client LOVED everything we did...the ad is approved. Just change the visual and rewrite the headline"