Friday, January 2, 2009

Garma Garam Gossip Edition # 3

* The Italian brand of sanitary ware that rhymes with Mocha has shifted its account to the swamy army. They say it’s because of global realignment.
* The Orissa dance book store has started feeling the heat of recession. It has scrapped sponsoring the Jan 26th Quiz Event (an annual fixture in Chennai).
* The other Hasbro has taken a radical step by moving its advertising from a Chennai-based shop to a Bangalore-based agency known to be very happy.
* Niladri the Boson is back spearheading the pleasantry radio channel he left in 2007.

Posted by Loose Tongue.


Übermaniam said...

Mr. Cluesoe, it might not have anything to do with the recession: the book house not sponsoring the quiz anymore. it might just be because it wasn't such a path-breaking, great idea to start with.

Übermaniam said...

And here's a thought to help keep the recession-blues at bay: Good people are still getting hired by small agencies and other places for reasonably fat salaries. Case in point: Orchard, Chennai :-) and another agency I am not at liberty to name. Or good enough to clue.