Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Link A Day # 16: Boardmag's Top 20 Production Houses

We in India, are not privy to the showreels of the finest production houses in the world. Most of us have seen some work of MJZ, Biscuit, Gorgeous, Partizan, Smuggler & Rebolucion. But there are other outfits doing sterling work. Boardsmag has put out its annual list of the Top 20 Production Houses. And it's thrown up many new names - Academy, Mekanism, O Positive & Park Pictures to name a few. For some reason, Boards has just named 19 outfits instead of 20. Probably someone forgot to append one name. Anyways, if I were you, I'd open a new youtube window and watch all the commercials mentioned in this list.

Posted by Anantha.

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