Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The importance of being ill mannered

I eavesdrop. And I don’t mind owning up. You know why? Cause lately I’ve learnt that listening in on other people’s conversations, staring at them unblinkingly and spitting on the road contribute to creative growth like nothing else ever will.

Don’t spit on the road, but the next time you step into a second-class train compartment, take your earphones out, and listen to some of the things women don’t mind sharing, given their decibel levels. Don’t flinch. Listen.

The next time you hail a cab, look out. No wait…stare.
I once saw a comical if slightly disturbing sight. A man, obviously a rag picker, hobbling with a bag of rubbish, dressed in rags, except for high shiny red stilettos. The image is still stuck in my head. I intend to use it someday.

Even stuff from your own life. I’ve been a runny nosed kid all my life. Still am except for the kid bit. Which is why Workz is so much fun to work on. Or the fact that we swiped pictures from a friend’s orkut album for Siddesh’s ad which went on to win the Young Lotus Award. Who says social networking hinders work? I just hope Army Public School Bangalore doesn’t sue.

I’m no authority on creativity, but I have found an excuse for my lousy manners. A bloody good excuse that you can use if you like. Just make sure you wear dark shades when you stare though. Subtlety is everything.

Posted by Meera.


anantha said...

good 1. u shud post more often.

Meera said...

thank you. i've decided to :)

Thomas Xavier said...

great thought Meera and well written too. First dirty feet, now bad manners... we're rocking.