Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Supriya's thank you note

Supriya finished her 6-week internship at Orchard. And has sent us nice thank you note.

Thomas’s encouragement

Rajeev’s quirks

Ankur’s inputs

Monica’s guidance

Mary’s smile

Parvathy’s pauses

Rekha’s sincerity

Tulsi’s spontaneity

Shane’s banter

Sagar’s jokes

Rina’s candidness

Rocky’s concern

Dakshi’s morning cheer

Hemant’s expertise

Christy’s politeness

Orchard’s Kindness

Thank you all for making my short internship not only a fruitful learning experience but a genuinely memorable interaction. What will always remain special about Orchard are its people. Each one of you taught me something, consciously or unconsciously. I never enjoyed dirtying my feet more. Thanks for making learning fun!

Lots and lots of best wishes,


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